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Earning Money at the Best Fantasy Sports Best Sites in India

Nowadays fantasy gaming has become a buzzword, with sites like Dream11 and Halaplay trending in the country. Back in the 90s, the only sports entertainment we Indians had was cricket matches, one-day and test series. Decades later, we have seen the emergence of T20 cricket, which knocked the socks off of every Indian cricket lover. Then came the football matches, which were going on for many years before, but one area opening up has led to more viewers for other sports, too.


Given the exponential rise of Fantasy Sports market in India, it is only a matter of time before Indian players surpass the number of fantasy sports players in the U.S. Showcase your knowledge by entering the contests and tourneys at the best fantasy sports sites. But before we delve deep into the reviews and other details, let us see how the fantasy sports segment differs from other online gambling sites.

What Are Fantasy Sports?

Today, we are able to watch the action live on TVs, internet, and even OTT apps like SonyLiv and Hotstar, it paved the way for another type of mobile app – the sports prediction app. Also known as fantasy sports app, these sites allow you to predict the outcome of a match or how much a certain player can score. If your forecast comes true, you get awarded some bonus points and, in some cases, monetary rewards.

In 2017, the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports was formed. Fantasy games are hosted on online gaming platforms where sports fans like you can participate in betting and create a virtual team of players. You pay small participation fees, compete with other teams, and win money based on the statistical performance of real players. This explanation should clear any doubts you had, such as fantasy sports legal in India.

And it is not just limited to cricket; you have badminton, soccer, hockey, and other sports also. With top names like the Indian Premier League, Hockey India League, Indian Super League, and even the lawn tennis Grand Slams, mobile app developers in India are vying to enter the fantasy sports app development market. So, there is little surprise that you have all these amazing rewards and bonuses, in addition to the impeccable user interface.

Mechanism of Fantasy Sports in India

Taking part in the daily fantasy sports India is a simple method. You have just three steps to win massive amounts of money:

Select a Contest

There is a long list of fantasy sports companies in India offering plenty of contests every day. While some are only valid for a day, some last a week, and others take a full-on sports season. Choose the one that suits your sensibilities, budget, and your kind of game.

To do this easily, you can visit the fantasy sports website’s game lobby. You can see a list of contests that are scheduled to happen. Or, you can even create one, and play a free contest or a paid one. The more games you play, the higher chances you have to win.

Pick a Team

Build a team using the fantasy replicas of the team or coach in real life. If you have always fanaticized about having your own team or managing the top performing players, this is an exciting opportunity for you. Choose this golden chance to create the most brilliant team the world has ever seen in the game style you pick.

Earn Points

The team players in the roster will get certain points as soon as the game starts. Based on their performance, if the total points of your team are greater than those of the other teams, you will be the winner. Since you play fantasy sports, you don’t have to wait until the match needs to know who will be declared the winner. At the end of the day or the week, you can take home your earnings.

Popular Games Played on Fantasy Sports Websites

The fantasy sports market in India is a varied one, with a number of contests taking place every day in various games other than cricket, such as:


Fantasy Golf: You can create teams of actual golfers and play the challenging fantasy game to earn points based on your team’s performance in the real-world golf tournaments. Typically, the golf season sets off the fantasy golf games, such as the European Tour and the US PGA Tour.

Fantasy Football: In India, both fantasy football and fantasy soccer are the same. In the U.S. context, they may be different as America has its own variant of football. These usually begin with the football world tournament or La Liga, and others. You create fantasy football teams of the real-life National Football League (NFL) players. Get the points based on how your team performs at the matches in real life.

Fantasy Baseball: Although baseball is not played or accepted in India, it doesn’t stop Indian bettors to wager on baseball teams they create. Play the multi-format fantasy game by creating and managing Major League Baseball (MLB) teams of real players.

Fantasy Basketball: This is inspired by fantasy baseball. Here, you can become general managers of fantasy teams that actually partake in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and earn points that are proportionate to the players’ on-field performance.

Fantasy MMA: The future of fantasy sports in India is diverse and is recruiting more and more formats by the day. As we speak, the fantasy MMA games are a huge hit within the Indian bettor circuit. Choose your roster of top fighters and create a team to win plenty of cash depending on their performance.

If you are a beginner, it is wise to select just one format of fantasy sports and on one of the top websites listed on our platform. Use our blog to help you through the navigation of the fantasy sports arena. You can also visit our review pages where we have in-depth information about each of the top fantasy sports sites in India. Play free and get amazing bonuses until you learn the ropes of fantasy games.

Legality of Fantasy Sports in India

Fantasy Sports have had their brush with the law and emerged triumphantly. The games are declared as games of skill, and restricting them falls onto the individual states. The play format depends on considerable skill, judgement, and statistics, and does not amount to mere guesswork or gambling.


The apex body for gaming in the country, the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), strives to create public awareness for the skill-based daily fantasy sports India gaming segment. It is even similar to the likes of poker, rummy, and other card games that use the player’s intellect, but not mere chance.

Rise of Fantasy Sports and the Celeb Factor

Where traditional sports that are popular in the country, such as cricket, kabaddi, and football, also got a renewed interest in the public, people are also leaning towards fantasy gaming. Both domestic and international operators are making a beeline to capitalize on this new and emerging market. And we have seen how the legality and regulation are not bothersome factors anymore. So, this has started driving revenues for fantasy sports.

When you think of the sudden boom of fantasy sports in India, one thing becomes crystal clear. The long list of fantasy sports companies in India has brought in celebrity endorsements that boosted the sales. Both Indian and international players that are part of the real teams have come forward to promote fantasy sports.

Recently, the ace batsman Chris Gayle became the brand ambassador for the site Adda52. Our very own chess legend Viswanathan Anand promotes poker as a brain booster. Star play and former Indian cricket team captain M.S Dhoni rides the wave with fantasy sports site Dream11.

FAQs on Fantasy Sports Market in India

What is the most popular fantasy sport?

All over the world and even in India, football claims the top spot in the fantasy sports format. Over 36% of fantasy sports revenue in the industry comes from NFL fantasy football. Followed by that, the second place goes to Major League Baseball that earns 19% of the profits. Next is auto racing with 12% revenue, and then the NBA with 10% profits.

What was the first fantasy sport?

Across the globe, fantasy sports were in existence from around the 1980s. Many people do not realize this fact, but for the purposes of fantasy, baseball was the first chosen sport. The sport’s principles align with the fantasy gaming format, suiting the players’ detailed yet logical calculations. It also has an accessible scorecard and long statistical record.

Are Fantasy Sports legal in India?


Predictions on fantasy sports are not guesswork. The forecast you make is based on the on-field gameplay of the real-life team that you base your fantasy team on. Even the Supreme Court of India has deemed that fantasy gaming is a “game of mere skill”. This ruling was given in connection with the Dream11 game website that became exempt from the Public Gambling Act, 1867. As per the Act’s provisions, the fantasy sports market in India is declared legal. Moreover, some players use statistical analysis and observe which players are in form and who is injured, etc. So, a high level of thought process goes into this.


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