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Are you interested in playing Blackjack? Players sitting in a semi-circle facing the dealer is a famous sight on any casino floor. It is a classic casino game of random choice and strategies.
Even beginners can enjoy playing Blackjack and quickly build master-level gaming skills.The game attracts people’s attention as a sport of intelligent gamblers. 

 History of Blackjack

The first written reference of Blackjack can be traced back to the early 17th century. Some people say the game originated in Spain, but there is no solid historical confirmation on this. Blackjack has a lot of similarity with the British card game Vingt-Un, a variety of Twenty-one. 

The first recorded history of playing Blackjack in France was in 1768. Within a few decades, the game reached the other shore of the Atlantic – the USA. As the game requires nothing but a pack of cards, soldiers during the First World War took the game with them to other parts of the world, and as a result, the popularity of Blackjack skyrocketed. 

Despite over two hundred years of existence, the first-ever scientific study of the game came out only in the middle of the 20th century, the year 1964. Roger Baldwin and others published the first detailed study of Blackjack in the Journal of the American Statistical Association. The study attracted many professional gamblers, statisticians and mathematicians to the game, and various mathematically sound winning strategies emerged.   

 The legality of playing Blackjack online

Being a card game, the chance factor matters in Blackjack, but you can comfortably outwin luck with suitable gaming strategies over a large number of games. So, it is a game of skills and a classic casino game. Following the verdict of the Supreme Court of India, it is perfectly legal to play and gamble on any game of skills. 


However, like any casino games, you can play Blackjack without using any strategies or plans. Just follow the instructions with the game, place your bets and wait to see if you have won or not. Many people do this, and with smaller bets, it does not cost much money either. We advise you not to treat a game of skills in this manner. 

Rules to play blackjack online  India

It is easy to play Blackjack online. Rules are similar to traditional casino blackjack. 

  • Place your bet. 
  • The dealer draws cards from a pile of multiple decks of well-shuffled cards. 
  • The player gets two cards – both faced up. 
  • The dealer gets two cards – one faced down and the other faced up.
  • The objective is to get hand values higher than dealer’s but not more than 21. 
  • The Player has the option to Stand (to finish your turn), Hit (to accept another card), Double down (to double your bet after taking another card) and Surrender (to give up a hand)
  • If you have two identical cards in the first deal, you can split the cards into two separate hands.

So, start playing Blackjack online. Beginners should always play free-to-try Blackjack games to learn and practice gaming strategies.

 Play Blackjack online India

You can play Blackjack on any top online casino sites and mobile casino apps. There are no significant differences in experience between playing blackjack in traditional casinos and playing online. Rules and interactions are similar. The added advantage of online blackjack sites in India are, 

  • Play any time you like through 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  
  • No chance of irking fellow players with beginners’ mistakes and feeling ashamed.  
  • Ability to bet in smaller amounts and quickly move from one table to another.  
  • Opportunity to use online casino bonus offers, rewards for potentially high payouts. 
  • Enjoy the privacy of playing without disclosing your identity. 
  • Free-to-try options to learn the game without risking any cash.

 Skills of an expert Blackjack player

You can learn and grow expert level blackjack skills within a short time. It is not difficult. However, you need to know which skill sets you should have for becoming a better Blackjack player. Usually, we have observed the following skills in the majority of expert Blackjack players. 

  1. Proficiency in basic blackjack strategies.  
  2. Memorising card variation and counting cards helps to guess the distribution of cards. 
  3. Knowing when to use a soft hand, when to hit and the right time to split. These are advanced techniques. 
  4. The ability to follow a strict gambling plan and bet accordingly. 

Live blackjack India


play blackjack online

If you want to experience the fun of real-time interaction with human dealers, you can play live blackjack games on online casino sites. Unlike entirely digitized games, live Blackjack takes place on an actual blackjack casino table with expert human dealers. Casinos video stream the game online, allowing real-time player-dealer verbal exchanges and placing bets. The best live Blackjack games even use smart interactive tables for a more immersive online gaming experience.

 Mobile or website for playing Blackjack

Blackjack has simple gameplay. So, online casinos offer the game in mobile as well as web versions. Playing mobile Blackjack using android and iOS apps is very convenient and comfortable. However, you can also use web-based versions from your smartphone without installing any application. 

Best online blackjack casinos India

Blackjack being one of the classic casino games, you can play the game in all online casinos. However, not all casinos are similar in terms of features and facilities. Some of the best online casinos offering blackjack in India are 

There are many other upcoming online blackjack sites in India. LuckyRaja.com keeps on reviewing them regularly. 


Just like Poker, Blackjack is a cerebral game. There exists the perception that it is a game of experienced gamers and intelligent people. It is not entirely wrong. Playing Blackjack requires knowledge, a lot of practice and gaming experience. Try to play the game with real money and keep the bet sizes smaller until you feel confident. As a beginner, you can also try playing free-to-try Blackjack games. However, free-to-try versions are limited in scope and do not allow too many gaming variations. So, it is always better to play Blackjack for real money. And do not forget to check LuckyRaja.com for the latest update on Blackjack strategies, tips and tricks.  


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