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No matter at which level you gamble, you will always want to play at a casino that offers the best payouts. And why not? You are risking your hard-earned money on gambling sites, so you should know that it is not going to go bust. Hence, you should ensure that the money you deposit can make its way back to you in the form of winnings. But it is daunting to look for the long list of best casinos in India to find the one that suits you.
Let us help you make an informed decision by giving you some helpful pointers.

Why Look for the Best Payouts?

There is this belief, call it a fact or a myth cooked up by sceptics, surrounding the payouts at any casino: “the house always wins”. This repute has come from the winning chances players have. It has been in trend since the times the land-based casinos began.

So, if that is the case, you are sure to look for ways to increase your odds of winning, while cutting the losses. For one, you should learn established strategies to beat your rivals at any game, and learn the latest tips and tricks.

Next, you should know some of the industry terms like RTP (return to player) and house edge. Casino advantage, as the house edge is also called, varies from site to site. Play at casinos having the lowest house edge and get guaranteed returns on your Indian rupees.

In several online casinos in India that have top-rated poker games, the RTP can be over 90%. It refers to the payout percentage for a specific game. Learn all about RTP and how it holds an essential place in fair gameplay from our blogs.

Here are the games that offer the highest RTP on average:

• Blackjack – 99.5%
• Baccarat – 98.44%
• Live Casino – 97.92%
• Roulette – 96.21%
• Video Poker – 95.43%
• Slots – 87.95%
Again, in slots, there are so many variants that it becomes hard to keep track. Get distinctive payout rates with free spins on even progressive jackpot!

Payment Methods

Usually, players’ preferred method of withdrawal will be the specific payment gateway as deposits. Some of the most popular payment options on Indian gambling sites are:

• Paypal
• Neteller
• Skrill
• Credit cards
• Direct bank transfer
• Netbanking
• Check
• Mobile Wallets
• Paysafecard
• UPI, and
• Cryptocurrency (bitcoin)

Now you have an idea about the payment modes to use when it is time to claim your winnings. But you don’t have to wait for days on end in a slow transaction process. Know more about the fast payout casinos in India in our other post.

Why Is the Best Casino India Important for Players?

Winnings, large or small, irrespective of the amount on stake, matter a lot. It is crucial to have a casino that offers secure payment platforms, and has an SSL encryption for the site. Also choose a casino that has games backed by the best developers and the site itself is certified by renowned authorities in gambling. If you have trouble finding such sites or want to know where to find the best casino India, keep eyeing this space for the latest updates.

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Best Payouts Casino in India

When it comes to gambling in India, the country has quite a history. India is one of the oldest places where gambling was prevalent. The mention of gambling in the mythologies like Ramayana and Mahabharata clearly states that it dates back to several centuries. The prevalence of gambling in India has remained intact and constant. It is only the medium of gambling that has changed over time.

Although India doesn’t entertain a lot of land-based casinos, there is much more for the players to explore online. The online casino market in India market has made a debut in the country with a big bang. As a result, many players have already registered with some of the most famous gambling platforms.

Best Payout Casinos

Gambling in India has various forms. This is the reason why the law of the country has legalized the same. The Public Gambling Act, 1867, was introduced by the Europeans in colonial rule. Though the country achieved its independence in 1947, the British’s concerned act is still largely in effect. However, the same act restricts gambling in much of the nation. 

The Legality Of Gambling In India: 

We cannot give a definite answer as to whether the country has legalized gambling in all forms and formats or not. This is because the constitution of India provides a fair amount of sovereignty to its states. The result is that gambling has been made legal in some states while there are still many states that do not consider gambling a legal practice. 

When it comes to online gambling and casinos, it is not enough for online gambling to be legal. They should operate themselves legally and must be licensed by the regulatory authorities. India doesn’t operate any official licensing body currently. A majority of online payout casino platforms that have debuted in India are from abroad, all of which are regulated and licensed by their respective authorities. It is no wrong to say that the scope of online casinos is increasing by each day in India.

Why are Top Payout Casinos Popular in India?

As stated, the popularity of payout online casinos has become widespread. Gone are the days when people of the country travel abroad and indulge in playing the land-based casinos. Many famous casino platforms and software have released themselves in India, and the players are making the most out of it by indulging in the same.

The good thing about online casino India is that you don’t have to stick to a particular gaming pattern. The scope is wide, and there is an extensive range of casino games that you can play and enjoy.

Top Payout Casinos

You can enjoy a game of traditional casinos such as roulette, blackjack, poker with a single click. These casino games are designed in such a manner to give you a real-life experience of playing the same. They are backed with the best graphics, features, and audio. Similarly, the video slots are all about thrilling themes and excellent interface.

Many of these slots are based on certain popular themes of your favorite movies and TV shows with the same line of characters, same plot, etc. In fact, the latest online casinos also include a sportsbook where you can participate in betting of different spots. As India happens to be the epicenter of cricket, cricket betting is carried out on a very large platform. To cut it short, online casino India provides you with all sorts of games, all of which promise you a wonderful gaming experience. 

What’s common among the video slots and traditional casino games is that apart from bringing the best features and a good gaming experience to you, most casino games also promise you the best payouts. The payout rate of these casinos in India is awe-inspiring. Thus, it allows you not only to get back the amount that you had deposited to start your game but a lot more than that. 

What is Payouts or “Return to Player”? 

RTP stands for ‘Return to Player.’ In a nutshell, this concept describes the amount that any slot pays back to the player when he engages over a large number of spins. The RTP is usually expressed in percentage. The numbers define your chances of getting the returns. It is essential to know that these numbers are calculated based on a huge number of spins when you indulge in any slot game. Thus, the more you spin, the better is your chance to get the best payouts. 

If you expect to earn a handsome amount of money while playing any online casino, it is essential to pay attention to the RTP of the concerned gaming platform. Even when you are playing the games of chance, selecting the game with the highest RTP will always improve your winning odds.

The percentage of RTP are independently verified and vary from one casino to the other. Upon registering with any casino and taking advantage of features such as free spins, welcome bonuses, regular promotions, etc. you can improve your RTP as well.

Apart from the casino criteria such as a variety of games, bonuses, software, safety, mobile optimization, customer service, payment methods, etc.


Highest Payout Casinos in India

As stated, India has become a hub of online casino gaming. Many famous casino platforms have released themselves in the country to offer an amazing gaming experience to all the players. Apart from being fast payout casinos and casinos with minimum deposit, these are also the casino platforms that offer high returns to players. 

Payout Online Casinos
If you are looking for the best casinos with a good RTP, you are on the right platform. We have listed down the best casinos with the highest payout rates: 


This Genesis is a casino with a minimum deposit that comes with enough varieties of games to offer to the players. The payout rate of this casino is 97 percent. The RTP of this casino makes it a popular platform for all the players who look forward to winning good money upon making deposits. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the welcome bonus and various other features available here


30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus


Betway is a famous name in the online casino market of India. Betway has a quite high Return To Player (RTP) which is 96.36%. This means that you can get favorable chances of winning some of the most fantastic cash prizes and rewards by playing several games on this casino


30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus


LeoVegas doesn’t need an introduction. This online casino India is the most popular gaming platform in the country. LeoVegas offers you a breath-taking gaming experience, thanks to the fantastic variety of games backed by excellent graphics and stunning features. The RTP of this online casino is 96 percent. It means that this casino offers you a good chance of making big winnings. LeoVegas also happens to be a fast payout casino from where you can withdraw your winnings quickly


30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

Lucky Days: 

From being a casino with a minimum deposit to offering an RTP of 95.45 percent, Lucky Days are also touted as the best casinos with the best payouts. Sign up with this platform, and you will be provided with a welcome bonus that can be utilized during your gameplay. Make easy deposits using the many payment options in a safe and secure environment. The withdrawal process is easy, which also makes it a fast payout casino


30 Free Spins

₹ 5000 Welcome Bonus

Royal Panda: 

Another outstanding online casino in India offering a decent RTP is Royal Panda. The payout rate of this casino is 94.77 percent. Like the other casinos on the list, this gaming platform is known for its remarkable features, many gaming categories, and impressive payouts. Both the process involving deposits and withdrawals is very easy. Royal Panda doesn’t disappoint you in terms of its customer support as well.


10 Free Spins

₹ 1,00,000 Welcome Bonus

All Slots: 

Last but not least, on our list is the All Slots casino, with a payout rate of 94.50 percent. This online casino in India is popular among both the naïve and the veteran. This is because it brings you the best gaming opportunity to play different categories of games, such as traditional casino games, video slots, fruit machines, and many others. This is one amazing casino platform offering you everything in one place. 

All the casinos on our list of best payout casinos have a decent RTP. It means that there are many chances of winning a great amount of money when you play these games. There is a lot of variety between the operators. It is equally important to mention that these numbers are theoretical, and the best payout rate keeps on changing with time.

Sign up with these casinos, and you will be served with a wonderful gaming experience and a chance of making handsome money. 

FAQs on the Best Payout Casinos

How do online casinos pay you your winnings?

Payout of the best online casinos is a major point of concern for gamers. Today, making deposits and withdrawing your money (deposited cash and cash winnings) from casinos have become very easy and secure. Best payout casinos, in India and abroad, accept all popular payment modes – cards, UPI, online banking, Paypal, and many more.

All your cash winning gets credited to your gaming accounts with online casinos. You can check it after logging in with your credentials (username + password). So, once you win cash, check your gaming account first. Be sure that the won amount is showing up in your credit. You can contact casinos’ customer supports in case of discrepancies, if any.

For withdrawing, you just need to follow THREE simple steps –

  • Post withdrawal request through your gaming account with the casino.
  • Casinos approve your request if all the withdrawal conditions have been met like, minimum wagering requirements and deposit conditions.
  • Post-approval, the casino start processing the payment. The time to process payment varies with the mode of payment. However, modern payment methods hardly take much time. So, you can expect quick processing with the best online casinos.

Top payout casinos are easy to identify as they rank high in user-reviews and casino industry news websites. You can check LuckyRaja for such reviews. The less popular and low-ranking casinos, comparatively, take longer time to process payments. It is advisable to be sure about the payout performance of casinos.

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