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Different Types Of Casino Bonuses And Promotions

Online casino bonuses and promotional offers can be overwhelming, especially for new online gamers. Different casinos call them differently (for marketing purposes) and try to show them off as exclusive.

It causes unnecessary confusion. Worry not! This article makes things straightforward by categorizing bonuses into broad 4 categories. It will help you make an informed decision every time you come across such offers.

What is a casino bonus?

It is free spins (on slots) or free money (credits for playing other games) that casinos offer to gamers as part of their business promotions. Of course, bonuses come with specific terms and conditions and a limited lifetime.

That means gamers need to use up or encash the offer within a period. Otherwise, it just expires.

There are FOUR broad categories of bonuses and promotional offers.

New signup offers

As the name suggests, it is for new gamers. Casinos need a flow of new gamers, just like any other business. And to make that possible, casinos offer free bonuses to new gamers on signing up. Such offers are also popular as a welcome bonus.

Depending upon your signup with a cash deposit or not, the welcome bonus can be of two types –

With-deposit bonuses are always higher in value.

Referral bonuses

Referral bonuses

Many online casinos offer free spins or credits when you refer the casino to someone else you know. You get the credit once your referred friend opens up an account with the casino. It is an excellent way to earn a bonus when you have a friend or two interested in gaming.

When you are happy with the services of a casino, it is good to ask your gaming buddies to join the same platform. You get your bonus, and they get honest advice.

High roller bonuses

It is for gamers who love playing high stakes games and heavy wagers. As a new gamer, you may not be comfortable risking too much money. It is okay; as you should learn the ropes first. A gamer’s natural risk appetite may not also suit the dynamics of high stakes games. They should stay away from high stakes.

However, there are seasoned gamers who have a high-risk appetite. Casinos, offering high stakes games, need such gamers. After all, high stakes games also offer better profits to casinos in terms of high commissions earning.

So, online casinos offer high roller bonuses and benefits to such gamers.

Reload bonuses

After signing up new gamers, online casinos need to motivate them to play regularly with deposits and stop going away to other competitors. Reload bonuses exactly serve that purpose for existing players who have played with deposits in a casino.

Reload bonuses

Such offers encourage loyalty.   Gamers make repeat visits and keep playing with stakes in exchange for a little extra (in terms of free spins and credits). Of course, there are terms and conditions, about which you should be careful in case you opt-in for reload bonuses.

Finally, now onwards, whenever you see casinos offering bonuses and other promotional offers try to understand them through the lens of these four categories. It will make it easier to decide. Happy gaming.

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