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When you want to multiply the fun you get from playing at a casino game, you can create private tables with your friends. Another great option to amplify the excitement is engaging in a live dealer game.

A live casino India is exactly what it sounds like - you get the feel of being present in a real, land-based casino even when you are in front of a screen. Excellent graphics, cosy settings, lavish features, and most of all, the live rapport you share with an attractive host in sharp attires adds to your thrill. Now, without wasting any time, let us tell you which casinos are the best for live games.

Reviews from the Experts on Live Casinos in India

The Indian gambling culture is very distinct from anything else you see around the world. You have fans for the crowd-favourite classic games like poker and roulette, and also the lesser-known versions that are our own domestic creations.
But not all casinos are ideal candidates to test your skills and risk your money. They need to pass certain criteria to be considered the best. Since there are many options to purview, we try to make it convenient for our cool customers to find the right ones.
Apart from the regular license, security, and other factors, we focus on:

Slot Machines

Playing slots virtually has never been more fun than when you can view the slots change places quickly with colourful effects live. You get awarded for creating winning combinations while braving the randomness of the game. The RNG guarantees continuous thrills, especially with the progressive slots game. There are many Indianized and Asian versions of slots machines you can pick and choose. Many online casinos in India have games from leading gaming companies like RTG, NetEnt, Microgaming, and other prominent names.

Live Dealer Games

Live casinos online in India offer multiple live dealer games like live blackjack, live poker, live roulette, live baccarat, and many more. Enjoy the latest innovations in online gaming by immersing yourself in the genuine casino atmosphere without leaving your home. Play games in real-time with the fantastic hosts and croupiers greeting you in Indian style. As the games unfold in front of you, you will have no doubt left about the site’s fair gameplay. However, some games are not available in the free play mode.

Table Games and Specialty Games

When we talk about a live casino India, we don’t stick to the live dealer games. It is also crucial that we consider the value that other table games bring. Play at virtual card games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, rummy, and poker. One of the primary things India players look for is whether the casino site has a vast collection of video poker variants. Also popular are the Asian games like Sic Bo, Keno, and more.

Our reviews pages consist of unbiased ratings and reports from our researchers who have given a close thought to each aspect of a casino. If you want to know all about JeetWin, Pure Casino, Royal Panda, or LeoVegas casino in India, get the full details in our posts.

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Online Live Casino Games In India

A recent entrant to the online gambling sector, a live casino is one concept that is disrupting the industry. Hundreds of casino sites in India compete with one another to be the best at the game. The live casino genre primarily involves web cameras that players use and a live setting where they interact with a real-life dealer at the casino.

Human dealers, not software, run the show. Fantastic lighting and splendid games in online live casinos in India are like a breath of fresh air. With all the praise that they are receiving, you may want to know why they are credited to provide players with the best gaming experience. Know all about live casinos in the following sections.

Live Casinos for Indian Players

Live Casino Games
Advancements in technology have given us live streaming, which remains at the core of these live casino sites. You do not feel as if you are located somewhere and playing on an online casino, these make you feel as if you are present, live, in the casino.

You get to watch the dealer’s hands as they deal the cards or spin the wheel. But they are not just some sites that use random number generators (RNG), which make the dealing and spinning available with the software.

In top live casinos, you can communicate with the live dealer, and you don’t have to enter a private game room from your smartphone or computer.

top live casinos

Card games like blackjack, poker, rummy, Texas Hold’em, and roulette are available on many live casinos, and you can play them without having to visit the casino physically. Get started in an exciting atmosphere where other players are also playing at the same time as you.

Winning Real Money on Live Casinos

A live casino online offers the same opportunities for you to win cash as you have in online casinos with real money. Most of them provide affordable betting limits and a diverse line-up of games.

Choose a game like multiplayer blackjack if you wish for a challenging and thought-provoking adventurous ride. In contrast, if you seek an adrenaline rush and fast-paced games, choose the high-stakes games, such as live lightning roulette.

Either way, you get to enjoy live casinos in a social game setting. This aspect will come particularly handy when you want to notice other players’ tells and exploit their weaknesses. Given this option, it is safe to say that your chances of winning are actually on the higher side when you play against live opponents.

Mobile Apps for Live Casinos

In 2019, it was determined that over 70% of all web traffic in India comes from mobile users. And before that year, there were 560 million internet subscribers in the country, making it the second-largest populous country with web users.

As every person stays online for most of their day, it is only natural that they would browse, connect, and play on mobile casino apps and mobile-friendly gambling websites.

So, starting from Pure Casino mobile app to LeoVegas India, every gambling website operator and developer is trying to entice their regular customers with extraordinary gaming features, ease of access, and high winning options. They also provide welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards.

Each of these top-ranking sites not only has mobile responsive designs and mobile apps but also allows live casino games in India to be played on mobile browsers. You may now think: which experience is better for me? Mobile apps or live games from the casino? The fact is that even if there is a difference, you will barely notice it.

You can also play the live casino games from mobile live dealer casino websites on your PC itself. Each platform includes high-quality graphics and explosive soundtracks that keep you entertained throughout the game.

Which Games are Offered at Live Casinos?

Live dealer games are those that you can play with others and in the presence of a human dealer. Most games that are usually offered at many live casinos online are provided at live dealer games, such as:


Texas Hold’em: Being an incredibly popular multiplayer game across the world, Texas Hold’em is also a hit with Indian players. Its live dealer version can be played by 2-9 people. Professional gamblers’ winning moves include producing the best hand with a pair, straight, flush, three or four of a kind, full house, and royal flush.

Blackjack: You can play directly against the live dealer or play in a group against several opponents. You need to produce cards whose total value is equal to 21, or at least close to that. If you get more points, you lose. This is a strategy game like poker,

Baccarat: Baccarat is a game where you compare the outcomes to determine who wins. There will be three results: you win, the banker wins, or the game is a tie. The symbol cards have zero value, while ace has a value of one. The number cards represent their worth.

Roulette: Roulette is highly favorable to the players, hence more chances of winning. There are three popular versions of the game: European, French, and American. The French game is a bit more challenging and is available very rarely on many casinos in India. The game has a wheel that spins and pockets on it ranging from 0-36 numbers. The American version has an extra (00) pocket.

Indian Casino Games: Other games that are played a lot in India that have local flavors are Andar Bahar, Paplu, and Passa. Andar Bahar is immensely popular with all age groups and skill levels. The dealer deals the cards, with the first card being the joker. The dealer alternates the cards between Andar and Bahar sides, and the players place a bet where the next joker lands.

Types of Tables

Live Casinos Online

Full-Sized Oval Tables: They accommodate 9-10 players, depending on the supporting software and the type of game. Still, they are not distracting because you only concentrate on the dealer.

Table Tops: Pretty much any table can be turned into a live casino dealer table. So, even small studio rooms can set up the casino background, and alternate the sets between games.

Round Short-Handed Tables: Single-player games or poker tables with four or fewer players can be comfortably accommodated at these tables.

Digital Tables: Games like live lightning roulette employs these kinds of tables, where there will be a large video screen displayed on top of your regular video. Typically, the dealer presses buttons to deal with the cards.

No Deposit Live Casino Games

No deposit casinos for live dealer games are very rare, but you can find them listed on our website. We provide a comprehensive casino in India list that we have rated as the top sites to fetch you more money.

For more details on the different kinds of bonuses, look through our casino bonuses page on our website.

But there may be some terms and conditions that are unique to each live casino in India to withdraw your winnings. Let us have a look:

Wagering Requirements: You need to make a deposit first, for a set amount, so you can withdraw your bonus winnings. It is usually measured as 20x, 50x, etc.

Limits: There may be limits on how much you can bet or withdraw.

Qualifications: You should be eligible for a no deposit live casino bonus. The main qualification is that you should be registered at the said casino.

Small Amounts: Bonus amounts will be only small amounts. You can also have a peek at what is going to come when you pay the deposits and win real money.

FAQs on Live Casinos India

Q1: Is Live Casino secure to play?
Playing live games on any reliable online casinos and mobile casinos are absolutely secure. Top casinos use end-to-end encrypted live video streaming and betting. Any gamer willing to play live games needs to signup securely to casino servers following casino-specific terms and conditions.

Live casinos are online video-streaming of casino table games from casino floors being conducted in real life by human dealers. It is a smart innovation in the online casino industry to provide customers with a unique gaming experience.

You get the convenience and comfort of online casinos and live human-to-human interaction of traditional casinos. Some of the popular and reliable live casinos online are –
● Parimatch India
● 10cric
● Royal bet
● Leovegas

Q2: What’s the difference between online and live casinos?

Online casinos are innovating rapidly to offer their customers the most exciting gaming opportunities. Live casinos are one of such innovations in the online casino industry.
● Live casinos are online casinos with live video-streaming of casino table games from real-life casino floors.
● Unlike computer-managed games in online casinos, human dealers conduct live casino games starting from dealing, receiving bets, recording bets, and distributing bets and payouts.
● Live games are played in real-time, and you get to communicate with dealers to place bets. Interaction with other real-life players playing at the table is also an added advantage.
● Live casinos online offer high-definition multi-camera video streaming of live games for a never-before gaming experience.

Q3: How many casinos are there in India?

In the Indian states of Sikkim, Goa, and Daman, there are about 20-21 casinos in physical locations. In Goa, some of these casinos are floating spaces.  When you speak of online casinos in India, there are several hundred or maybe thousands of operators who have good platforms for Indian players to gamble.

Q4: What is the best live casino site in India?

Several live casinos operating in India give their customers meaty bonuses and free spins. The best casino will be rated by the type of game you are looking to play. For Indian games like Andar bahar, casino sites like Jeetwin have the best category of games.

You can choose sites like LeoVegas for a broad range of European casino games. Whatever you pick, make sure that the site is authentic and offers the utmost security.


Q5: What is the difference between various live casinos in India?

There are almost 1,000 online casinos currently, and more are getting launched every month. The situation is the same with live casinos. However, what sets one apart from the other is the design, mainly.

Besides that, each website may have distinguished operational styles, a variety of languages supported, customer service, and game variations. Some sites like LeoVegas India live casino provide private tables for their regular customers and promote their upcoming offerings.

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