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VIP Roulette Game Review

When you wish to play roulette online in India, there is no better match for a VIP roulette game. It is one of the most popular variations of the game, including the Diablo Roulette system. Evolution Gaming brings this variant to appeal to high rollers with glamorous dealers presenting it in an attractive live studio.

Interact with the dealers as you play and enjoy the extraordinary experience of playing VIP roulette.

But before you do, read our in-depth review and VIP roulette system explained in detail.

VIP Roulette Gaming Interface

vip roulette gameplay

You may have read the high praises of the seamlessly smooth interface on the VIP Live roulette platform. The camera allows you to control what angles to watch. It is an update over the standard table game, and you have multiple accouterments.

On many VIP roulette system forums, there may be mention of how low the betting limits are, and you wonder – is that true? It is indeed. The minimum betting amount is Rs.5.00, so Indian players with all kinds of budgets can experience magical fun.

Since it is played in a live mode, immerse yourself in the casino game from anywhere, any time. One of the best advantages of playing the game is you can bankroll up to $40,000 on one spin.

As the most successful game of online roulette in India, many casinos offer VIP live roulette. You can find practice tables and free offers on the non-live version, too. Look for tutorials that explain the rules, basics of the game, house edge, and more. Or, you can just scroll through this page and find all there is to know about the magnificent roulette game live.

We hope to dispel some myths surrounding the subject, such as: Which is the roulette strategy that works?

VIP Live Roulette Strategy

If you are like some very enthusiastic players that look for the most successful roulette strategy, let us please burst that bubble. There is no such thing.

The game is totally random. If you are new to the game, do check out our roulette page that explains how to play.

A strategy is something you use when playing games of skill, such as poker, blackjack, and even baccarat, which allows you to calculate your odds of winning.

Roulette is a chance-based game where you guess the outcome of a randomized event. Just like keno, bingo, or even the lottery, roulette results for any spin cannot be predicted. That is the whole point of the game – to make guesses and place your bets.

Playing VIP Roulette Live with a Lower House Edge

vip roulette gameplay

Here’s how to play VIP roulette:

The game rules remain the same as the real-world table game or online roulette India at virtual casinos.

  1. First, the live dealers make the announcement for the betting to begin.
  2. Once everyone places their bets, the dealer launches the ball and spins the wheel.
  3. Before the wheel stops spinning and the ball lands, the dealer waves a hand to announce that betting has closed.
  4. You can see an overhead shot of the roulette wheel in high definition, and where the ball has finally landed.
  5. The winning number is announced, and if you had guessed it right, you get your winnings through the software’s automated system. The same if you lose; your account will be debited by the software.

For the next spin, the same process goes on.

Placing the Bets

There are two types of bets: outside and inside. Inside bets are basket, corner, single, split, and more, that you guess the number or multiple numbers that the ball can land on. Outside bets are column, high/low, red/black, and others that refer to a group or combination. You can place both inside and outside bets.

House Edge

Having said all this, we still think sharp players can use one roulette strategy, which is relying on the lower house edge. They play at games that have a low house edge, which automatically means higher chances of winning. You get more returns on wagers. For the European wheel, the house edge is 2.70%, whereas, for the American style (00) wheel, it is 5.26%.

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VIP Roulette Information

  • Game Provider
  • NetEnt
  • Slot Type
  • Video Slot
  • RTP
  • 97.3%

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