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Online is the future. The future is online. Be it in India or anywhere else. How that future will look – that is an actionable piece of information; for us, at least, who are interested in online casinos and allied gaming industry in India. Let’s have a quick read for future directions in online casinos.


Virtual reality (VR) is about making an illusionary world away from the reality a person is living in. Augmented reality (AR) is imposing virtual three-dimensional objects within the real environment of any person. Both are becoming popular in the gaming world for an enriched experience. Undoubtedly, online casinos are going to adopt these technologies for more realistic engagement. Some of the online casino developers are making their select gaming titles available in VR, like Arcade Saga.



Casinos are for people to wager and win cash. The top casinos are famous for their security and safety guarantees. The growing online casino industry in India is equally concerned. And the ultimate tech solution which can ensure a truly secure and safe gaming experience is Blockchain or distributed ledger technology. Add to that simplified faster transactions. No intermediaries. No worries about fraud. No need for insanely stringent password protections.

Casino games streaming 

You are into online gaming and have not heard of Twitch or Youtube Gaming. Not possible. These are the places where online gamers live stream. Live streaming of online casino games is the in-thing now. It is destined to grow in India too. This trend is mutually beneficial for casino gamers as well as casinos. For live casino gaming streamers, the content can be a source of income. For online casinos, these streaming videos are promotions.

Mobile-based casino games 


Even a few years back, online casinos were mostly dependent on desktop and web-based apps. Things are changing fast. Smartphones are becoming the new frontier for online casinos. Android and iOS apps are replacing legacy desktop casino apps; or, at least, making them redundant. This trend is future-ready because mobile apps are convenient, private, and engaging. Casino developers are embracing mobile gaming technologies.

No doubt, the global pandemic has sped up the growth of online casinos in India. Things could have taken a little more time otherwise. However, the current growth trajectory looks very much self-sustaining. With regulations on traditional brick and mortar casinos in many parts of India, online casinos are the only reliable and right way outs for casino lovers in the country. Now, we need more awareness among gamers as well as the public for responsible casino gaming practices. Lucky Raja is an initiative to achieve that objective.

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